Men's Open Division

Current Staff - 2024 ISBHF World Championships

John Ventullo – General Manager

John Ventullo has been in the ball hockey world for as long as many can remember. His success while playing is second only to the success he has had as a General Manager. During his playing career and while managing the North York Leafs from 2002-2012, John won numerous division titles, provincial qualifiers and regional Championships. In 2012, John became the General Manager of the famous Midnight Express, a title he currently holds. During his tenure as GM, John has won 2 Canada Cup Championships, multiple Clash of the Titans Tournaments (over $30k of prize money) and 2021 National Championships. With this resume, John is the perfect fit to bring the INBHF to the next level. His relationships with players throughout the leagues across Ontario, and his knowledge of players outside of Ontario will be beneficial to the INBHF and his winning mentality will be heavily relied upon to bring the INBHF a gold medal!

Mario Ventullo – Assistant General Manager

Mario Ventullo

Mario Ventullo has extensive experience in building championship-winning teams at both provincial and national levels making him a valuable addition to the INBHF's coaching staff as the Assistant General Manager! Working alongside the GM, John Ventullo, Mario will play an integral role in selection of team Italy's roster. We are confident Mario's year of experience will contribute to our Federations success. Welcome to the INBHF, Mario Ventullo!

Chris Malkhassian - Head Coach 

The Italian National Ball Hockey Federation is excited to welcome Chris Malkhassian as Head Coach of our men's team.
Chris’s strong knowledge of the game includes technical, tactical, and strategical. These attributes allow Chris to maximize each players full potential and have his players playing at the highest level. His strong interpersonal and communication skills enable players to easily communicate and adapt to any strategies or game plans. Chris's resume is undoubted with many accolades including provincial championship with the NY Leafs and Brampton Midnight Express, to name a few. The INBHF is proud to embark on this journey with one of the games' great innovators. Welcoming to the INBHF family Chris Makhassian! Forza Italia!!!

Angelo Gaetano - Assistant Coach

Angelo has profound experience in team assembling and coaching at all levels making him a significant asset as the INBFH Assistant Coach. Angelo will be a key part to Chris Malkhassian coaching staff as they look to build a championship-caliber team for the 2024 World Ball Hockey Championship. We're excited to see Angelo's experience and knowledge of the game help the Italian Federation compete at the world stage! Welcome to the INBHF Angelo!